"Why Are You Here? People Don't Like To Be Shot At" #FirstAmendmentRights ????????????????

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Audit ID: 46740
Region: USA
Date: 13 Sep 2023
Auditor: First Amendment Rights profile image First Amendment Rights
Title: "Why Are You Here? People Don't Like To Be Shot At" #FirstAmendmentRights ????????????????
Description: @NastyNathanial69 & I recently collaborated on the First Amendment Audit taking place from the public sidewalk outside this Crosspoint Church. We had a few interactions while out here documenting. The first one was from an individual questioning what we were doing & gave a cam-back. The 2nd individual was the church security guard who had a bit of an attitude, calling us a$$holes & being a fashion critic when it came to Nasty Nathanial's KISS tee shirt he was wearing. The 3rd individual named Sean or Shawn , was very cordial & aware of our purpose for being there conducting a 1AAudit . He was even kind enough to share his testimonial with us about his faith & struggles in the past.
I will provide links to the full versions of both clips shown in this video.

Link to Crosspoint Church Brea audit: https://youtu.be/VxfyDYZoOBU

Link to Refinery Church audit: https://youtu.be/69JVe9sJ6tQ

& to be fair here's the link to my recent revisit to Refinery Church to see how they did this time : https://youtu.be/zaQyOlvqWx4

#FirstAmendmentAudit #1AAudit #PublicPhotography #SouthernCalifornia
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