Journalist Unlawfully ARRESTED By The NYPD Effects CHANGE! Transparency For We The People!

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Audit ID: 47605
Region: USA
Date: 05 Nov 2023
Auditor: Long Island Audit profile image Long Island Audit
Title: Journalist Unlawfully ARRESTED By The NYPD Effects CHANGE! Transparency For We The People!
Description: PSA: Fellow Patriots, a Federal Judge has temporarily stayed the order ending the NYPD’s unlawful recording policy until November 17th 2023. This was apparentlt done to allow the NYPD time to remove their unlawful signage from all the precincts in the five boroughs. I honeslty dont undestand why they need two weeks to accomplish this, but that is what the Judge has decided. So please DO NOT record inside any of the NYPD precints until November 17th. Also the City has sumbitted their notice of appeal to the 2nd District Court of Appeals. My attorneys and I are confident that in the and We The People will be victorious! I will keep you all updated as i larm more information. This is a huge win for the transparency & accountabilty! Stay tuned!

Fellow Patriots, We The People did It! We Defeated The NYPD! A federal judge ordered the NYPD to stop enforcing a policy that prohibits people from recording inside of police precincts and remove all no recording signs from the precincts public lobby while a lawsuit challenging the rule is underway. Please be sure to hit the Like button and Share this video! It truly helps spread this around for more Patriots to see it and I appreciate it!

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