Detective Paul Peru PD laying it out

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Audit ID: 47788
Region: USA
Date: 13 Dec 2023
Auditor: Accountability Angel profile image Accountability Angel
Title: Detective Paul Peru PD laying it out
Description: Shortly after meeting Detective Paul, I decided to awkwardly announce that I had a question and began recording. His response was interesting, I enjoyed hearing what he had to say. Unfortunately Detective Paul FAILED his quiz due to refusal to participate 0/5. As we all know, the participation in my quiz is far more important than nailing all five on the spot as you're being filmed. While I agree that the laws are always changing, our officers have taken an oath to uphold the constitution and in order to do so, must have a basic understanding of the general protections. I hope to run into him again and see a solid effort be given towards nailing 5/5. I found him to be thorough and willing to go into detail about the topics he was bringing up. Although the quiz was a fail, I was treated with respect and given no issues for exercising my rights, making the 1A audit portion a full PASS.

This video was filmed at the Peru, IL Police Department
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