I HAVE A QUESTION- Chief Padilla. ????????

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Audit ID: 47818
Region: USA
Date: 27 Nov 2023
Auditor: Accountability Angel profile image Accountability Angel
Title: I HAVE A QUESTION- Chief Padilla. ????????
Description: In this video I had set up a sit down interview with Chief Mike Padilla from the Granville, IL Police department. Although it was not my normal way of doing things, I enjoyed learning, highlighting and the good conversations Padilla carries. I find it highly important to show off a job well done and encourage others to act accordingly. I had multiple self related malfunctions from the start, so you can enjoy his head at the bottom of your screen. Huge THANK YOU to Mike for the man and officer he is, his participation in my quiz and in my interview. Granville now has FOIA forms easily accessible to the public. You can find links to my previous videos with Padilla where I run into him in the wild and where I take a non self guided tour of the department.

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